Volunteer With Us

Our volunteers make what we do possible

To become a volunteer, all you need is enthusiasm and a desire to help. You can choose how much time you give and we’ll give you all the training and support you need.

We welcome people from all nationalities, backgrounds and ages.

Whoever you are and however you choose to volunteer, you’ll be part of a supportive community coming together to provide unbeaten entertainment, and showing what Kirkcudbright is all about.

You’ll also:

  • learn useful skills
  • gain valuable work experience
  • meet new people 
  • support your community
  • share your knowledge 
  • make a real difference

How to volunteer

There are many ways you can help, you choose what you want to do, from helping customers and doing other tasks in our charity shop, providing the muscle required to build our temporary event structures or working directly with guests and visitors at an event (selling tickets or rattling buckets), our volunteers make a huge difference, and we need them, we need you!

When we need you, we will be in contact to discuss arrangements and check you are available.
Please send us your application to volunteer@ksf.scot using the below format;


Full Name
Date Of Birth
Phone Number(s)
Emergency Contact Number (a family member/next of kin)
Full Address
The Areas You Would Like To Help In

(By sending an email to the above email you consent to us storing the information you provide for use in the future, we will never use your details for advertising purposes, and we will not pass on your information, you can contact us at any time requesting a removal of your details from our records)